New Client Info!

1.  Yes, we are still taking new individual and business tax clients for the 2023 tax season.

2.  Our fees are based on the amount of time spent to properly prepare your tax returns.  Base price for an itemized return (mortgage interest, real estate taxes, etc) is $250.  Base price for a non-itemized return is $210.  Base price for personal return with Schedule C is $485.  Business return base price is $495.

A base price covers the preparation of the return with no added schedules from summarized data. Additional schedules , consulting, tax planning and review of the data with client are billed at our hourly rate. Hourly rates are individual (135/hr) and business(165/hr). Bookkeeping services to help summarize tax data are available during tax season at 125/hr, based on availability.

We will be glad to provide a better quote for services if you provide us a copy of your 2021 tax return and your 2022 tax information when it becomes available.

3.  We are available to meet evenings and weekends through April 15th in person, virtual or telephone.

4.  We will need a copy of your 2021 tax return to prepare your 2022 return.  We need this information to electronically file your 2022 plus some items transfer from one year to next.  We also like to use the prior year as a checklist when helping to gather your 2022 information with you.

5.  We will gladly prepare multiple state tax returns, as needed.  Sorry, we do not offer international filings other than FBAR and Foreign Employer Compensation (FEC) for US taxpayers.

6.  We will electronically file all your 2022 returns for FREE.  We do not have service fees or additional costs added to your tax preparation cost.

7. Audit/Notice Insurance is now available on business and personal tax preparation, beginning with 2022 tax returns.  The insurance is 10% of the tax preparation fee and will provide free response or handling of IRS, state and local tax notices, including audits, relating to the income tax preparation we provided.  You may add this service to our fees as an option until the tax return has been filed.

8.  We are available during year to file your current and prior tax returns as well as proactively plan for current/future returns.

9.  We require payment for services before returns are electronically filed.